Popsugar Reading Challenge

So I signed up to participate in this reading challenge with a group of workmates (librarians!) I’ve let my reading slip since having children, and over the past few years have been mostly reading short stories because 1) I write short stories 2) they are quick to read 3) my attention span was pretty fragmented for a while there. I used to love reading big thick novels but these days my patience is gone for rambly, under-edited novels. And if the writing frustrates me or I’m bored I’ll happily give up on it. (That, by the way, is why my Goodreads ratings tend to be on the higher side, because I rarely rate books I don’t finish as I feel it’s unfair).

When I was invited to participate I saw this as a good way to read a bunch of novels this year, for once. You can see the categories here. I’m also setting myself an extra challenge to ensure I get a good mix of diversity in my authors and protagonists, and there’ll be some children’s books as well. At the end of the year I’ll do a break down to see how I go with that. I’ll do a post every 5 books to provide brief reviews. First one should be up soon.


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