The Heart is an Echo Chamber

There are a few updates I need to do but I’ll start with this one.

18 months ago Jodi Cleghorn pitched an idea for several writers to “reply” to her collection of vignettes, titled No Need to Reply. I put my hand up to write a response. The project stalled for quite some time, partly because Jodi had asked me to do the cover art, and I got completely overwhelmed with university work and just couldn’t do it. When I tried to create some art to what she had in mind it really didn’t work that well… so I asked if I could try doing it a bit differently.

Jodi let me have free rein creatively and I painted a map of the heart. She loved it, thankfully, and having a cover kicked things back into gear. I’m so happy she was patient enough to wait, and I’m super excited to have a cover art credit, finally!


Here be heartache…

The chapbook is scheduled for release at the end of May. You can still read the original chapbook, No Need to Reply. I’ll post more details when The Heart is an Echo Chamber is released.


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