Intentions for 2016

I’m not going to repeat the mistake of writing a ridiculous list of goals for this year. I tend to get a bit carried away, and in previous (non-university) years my goals tended to be pretty attainable. Now I have more of an idea of how uni affects my life I can be more realistic.

So, to my university goals:

  • Complete 6 subjects, to the best of my ability
  • Do at least half of my fieldwork
  • Apply for mentor program

Creative goals:

  • Submit EOI for QPF (and if accepted, perform at QPF in August)
  • Record more audio poems
  • Finish art poem (“Crow Speaks”)
  • Edit “The Forgotten Children of Zurat”
  • Sell 2 stories

Self goals:

  • Keep up with the rockclimbing
  • Keep running
  • Attend Contact
  • Embrace fun

Family goals:

  • Find therapists for Goo boy
  • Find a high school for Eldest and a primary school for Goo boy (OMG)
  • Encourage the budding drummer
  • More board game sessions

That all seems much more reasonable!


Contemplating 2016 with Goo


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