“Three Trophies” published in SQ Mag #20

When I first heard the song “Trophy” by Bat for Lashes I was rocking my baby (in a rocking chair, so he’d go to sleep) and the lyrics and music grabbed my attention immediately. It became a song I obsessed over (I do that), and I knew I wanted to write a story loosely based on the song.

I feverishly wrote a story, deemed it fabulous, and submitted it somewhere. It was rejected.

This happened many times. It had rewrites. So many rewrites. I thank those early editors for generous feedback that allowed me to tone down the hysteria and find the essence of the story. And then it just sat, until I got a vital bit of feedback that resulted in yet another furious rewrite.

And it found a home. And what a special, fantastic home it is!

I share this, because so many writers become disheartened by the process of submission and rejection. All of us are guilty at some points of sending out stories while they are still fresh, half-baked. As we get wiser, we get feedback and refine BEFORE submitting, rather than refining after endless-seeming rejections. Sometimes we have to trunk those early stories, but not always. Sometimes, the process of rejection enables you to see your story in a new light: and sometimes, the perfect fit comes along after a wait.

So was the case with “Three Trophies”, It had so many incarnations, and I’m proud that it found a home with SQ Mag, in this issue, with some fabulous authors I am honoured to be published alongside.

It’s free to read here and I urge you to go read the other stories as well by authors Angela Slatter, Kirstyn McDermott, Greg Chapman, Liam Hogan, Michael Anthony, Gary McMahon, and Shawn Frazier.


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