SpeedPoets Feature!

That's Chris on the cover, not me, just in case you were confused.

That’s Chris on the cover, not me, just in case you were confused.

So on Saturday the 25th April I was a feature poet at Brisbane’s SpeedPoets open mic event. SpeedPoets is on the last Saturday of every month. Which in April coincides this year with ANZAC Day.

I was terrified and thrilled to be asked to do a feature set—I felt like a bit of an imposter, but I love sharing my poetry. I had the assignment from Hell due on the Sunday so I wrote a couple of new poems and got my set together while drowning in the never-ending report.

SpeedPoets MC Simon Kindt asked me a few questions and the answers can be found here. (Side note, Simon’s verse novel No Revelation is amazing and if you like post-apocalyptic stuff you should get it, it’s incredibly haunting).

I was doubly honoured to be featured alongside Chris Lynch, a Brisbane poet whose stuff is quite brilliant. Chris was also one of the sparks that got me writing poetry again this year when a Mandelbrot poem seed popped up in my Facebook messages one day. It was a welcome diversion to the academic reading and writing I was surrounded by!

Because it was ANZAC Day, I opened with this:

Unfurled the poppy
bright, unaware
of what fed it.
Casualties of war
seeped into churned
up loam, nourished
the crimson beauty.
Upon her body
scarred and bloodied
they adorned her
like jewels.

Me doing interpretive dance poetry

Me doing interpretive dance poetry – photo by the lovely Helen Stubbs

It was a fantastic experience, nerves were curiously absent even though the crowd was much larger than usual. Thanks to Simon and JdUb for asking me to be a feature, I had an absolute blast!


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