2015: the year of flinging poo wisely.

If I was to conjure a mental image of my writing process last year, it would be a monkey flinging poo as fast as possible.

Ok, so maybe the stories I was sending out weren’t poo, but some of them were polished turds. My approach was, simply, write as much as possible and submit submit submit. Every time I got a rejection I was to resubmit it (sometimes with tweaking). According to Duotrope, I sent out 119 submissions in the past 12 months (46 fiction and 73 poetry). 14% of my fiction submissions were accepted, and only 4.3% of my poetry subs were accepted (I tend to simultaneously submit poems where I can, so the stats are always going to look terrible). Still, that’s a lot of poo being flung. And while that approach possibly served me in 2014, I need to write and submit more efficiently in 2015.

With that in mind I have the following creative goals for 2015:

  • Finish “The Forgotten Children of Zurat”, edit and submit (novella length);
  • Edit at least two of the short stories I started last year that I think have a lot of promise, and submit;
  • Finish and submit the two collaborative short stories I’m involved in;
  • Attend GenreCon in October;
  • Submit an Expression of Interest for the QLD Poetry Festival;
  • Attend QPF and BWF;
  • Ensure Furious Writer Drinks remains a “thing”;
  • Do more beta reads / critiques;
  • Daily journalling;
  • Learn how to create linocut art;
  • Explore the idea of an art exhibition.

I also have some non-creative goals:

  • Do that pesky obstacle course race;
  • Increase my unbroken run distance to 8km;
  • Camping with all the children;
  • Nurturing new and existing connections.

2015 is going to be a busy year, but I feel up for the challenge. University will take up my time, it will add to my stress levels—but I think it will be positive stress. Change creates stress, but there is stress that drains, and stress that builds. Uni is a first step in what is hopefully a positive change in my life.

To think otherwise is UNACCEPTABLE!

I approached 2014 with caution, after the previous two years. I may be a fool, but I do feel hopeful that 2015 may bring a new energy. This year will be about focus and dedication. and maybe some fun, too!



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