Pinterest. Oh my.

I’m just going to get this out of the way early: I’m a late adopter. I joined Facebook two years after most of my friends, and it took another 2ish to get me on twitter. I don’t even know half the apps the cool kids are using. Pinterest has never interested me. I have a lot of friends who use it for craft ideas and recipes, but I never saw the appeal. I tend to be someone who has 15 tabs open at once, and I might grudgingly bookmark something but I know, once I close that tab, it’s pretty much lost to me.

I know a few* writers who use visual inspiration boards for their stories. Pinterest seems to feature as a tool for doing that, but again, didn’t see the use for me.

Until now!

I could waste hours doing this.

I could waste hours doing this.

I’ve had a story idea kicking around my brain, since September or so, that I’d originally conceptualised as a short story. I knew I wanted it to be really really good, different, and through-provoking, and I started writing the beginning of it but other deadlines forced me to put it away.

When I took my writing holiday I knew that I wanted to give this story my full attention, rather than half-hearted glimpses in the tiny amount of time I have to myself. But while I’ve been off doing other things this story has been bubbling away, informing me that it is now at least a novella, oh and by the way, it needs concept art.

Enter Pinterest.

This story has a particular aesthetic, and I want that to come through very strongly. I went looking for images today and after I had about 20 tabs open I thought, “I need a virtual pinboard.”

Oh, hey. That’s right.

I remembered reading something about some Pinteresting controversy bla blah so I read through the Terms and Conditions (who does that?) and decided to join up. So now I have myself a nice imageboard of landscapes and buildings and monsters and people to inspire this story, and the art, and the characters that have started conversing with each other in my head.

I haven’t felt this excited by a story in a while. Hooray! PIN ALL THE THINGS!


*There may be more than a few.


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