Some awesome reviews of “Kneaded” (Phantazein)

I think a writer’s cold, black heart warms up considerably when they get positive reviews. This brooding writer is no different.

From Tsana Dolichva, on Tsana’s Reads & Reviews:

Kneaded by S.G. Larner — I found this story absolutely delightful. A brilliant take on the idea of people made not of flesh. (With, I think, a twisted allusion to Hansel and Gretel thrown in briefly). Definitely one of my favourite stories in this collection.

Also, there are several reviews on Goodreads, and I received a rather lovely tweet from Matthew J Morrison, who says in his review:

Stand outs for me, in a field of giants, were: Gitte Christensen’s ‘The Nameless Seamstress’, Jenny Blackford’s ‘The Lady of Wild Things’, Tansy Rayner Roberts’s ‘Love Letters of Swans’, and S G Larner’s ‘Kneaded’.


So hooray! Now go read it ;). Print, Amazon, Kobo, or Smashwords.


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