“Labyrinth Hope” published in Inaccurate Realities #5

Canadian YA spec fic magazine Inaccurate Realities has published their fifth issue, Monsters, and my story “Labyrinth Hope” can be found there. Click on the image above to see where you can get copies.

Table of Contents:

“Labyrinth Hope” by S G Larner
“Roxanne” by Amanda Lara
“The Goblin” by Llanwyre Laish
“Skin” by Kathleen Kelly
“The Night Parade of Hiro Doji” by Aimee Picchi

“Labyrinth Hope” is a near-future, dystopian Theseus and the Minotaur tale. Hope you enjoy! Here’s a little excerpt:


Labyrinth Hope


The girl flicked her long blond hair back, smiling into the camera. “I’m not worried,” she said. “Beauty tames the savage beast, doesn’t it? Do you think he could resist me?” Her sculpted eyebrows arched and she leaned forward slightly. The camera panned down to her golden cleavage. The screen showed her odds—six to one—then cut back to the host.

“Phaedra has had a surge in the last minutes, to take the lead. Our dark horse, Theseus, is at the bottom of the table, at one hundred and twenty-nine to one. In just over twenty-four hours, we open the doors to the Labyrinth!”

The screen cut to commercials.


“Why did you audition?”

The boy shrugged. “I had nothing better to do.”

The two sat in the holding cell, waiting for the thick steel door to open and admit them to the enormous Labyrinth constructed beneath the Acropolis for the show. A camera mounted on the wall tracked their every move. So far twelve teenage boys and girls had entered; they were the last.

“Really?” The golden girl sounded dubious. “That’s not really a reason.”

Theseus looked away. He had a long dark braid down his back, hair longer than the girl’s golden mane. “Mama died from cancer. Papa left. There are no jobs. As I said, I had nothing better to do.” He glanced at her. “You?”

“Fame. I want to be an actress.” She opened her mouth, hesitated, then shut it again. He noted the subtle make-up applied to her already-pretty features. The enhancement made her beautiful.

“If you survive,” he said.

She pursed her lips.

“You do understand that you’ll probably die?” he asked.

“I’m not stupid. I will stay out of its way. Anyway—” she flicked her hair back “—the producers like me.”

“It’s not rigged, you know,” Theseus said.

“Isn’t it?” She smiled at him.

He didn’t like the sound of that.


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