Sharing the creative energy

I am on a writing holiday. I’ve intentionally decided to slack off for the rest of the school term, as I have taken on a fair bit of extra responsibility in my life and the idea of writing on top of everything else (you know, the this needs to be done because life stuff) was overwhelming me and making it feel like a chore. So I decided to pause. Just for a bit. And then I took the opportunity afforded to me through the situation I am in and decided to make art. Visual art.

In my childhood and throughout my teenage years, right up until my early twenties, I was a prolific artist. I continued with visual art well after I gave up on writing childish novels, and beyond my angst-ridden teenage poetry. I’ve never seriously considered myself an artist though, it was just something I knew I could do, but didn’t make the time to do it. It’s harder to set up and clean up after. But one of my children is very inspired by art, and this was something we could do together.

So that’s what I’m doing. These are some of the pieces I’ve worked on over the last week. My skills are a little rusty but I’m giving myself permission to just play around and practice. Some of the works are better than others, but that’s okay!



Charcoal is possibly my favourite medium. I love how this turned out.



Kaiju and seagulls

Op shop painting with added kaiju! I found the landscape at an op shop, and sketched out a kaiju using a bunch of different animals as inspiration. Then I painted it onto the landscape.



Alien 1

These are small pieces, both inspired by stories of mine. I’m unused to drawing or painting completely from my mind (usually I use something as a reference) so these are little experiments for me.


Aliens or gods?

I’ve been enjoying myself immensely, so expect to see more from me.


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