“Kneaded” in Phantazein

Some stories you get really really excited about and “Kneaded” is one of those for me. It’s a detour away from my usual fare, a dark yet sweet fairytale. Phantazein launches officially on October 4th at Conflux, but you can buy the ebook now at Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords, and/or pre-order the print book via the Fablecroft website.

Shiny Table of Contents:

“Twelfth” by Faith Mudge

“Bahamut” by Thoraiya Dyer

“The Nameless Seamstress” by Gitte Christensen

“How the Jungle Got Its Spirit Guardian” by Vida Cruz

“The Seventh Relic” by Cat Sparks

“Rag and Bone Heart” by Suzanne J Willis

“Kneaded” by S. G. Larner

“The Village of No Women” by Rabia Gale

“The Lady of Wild Things” by Jenny Blackford

“The Ghost of Hephaestus” by Charlotte Nash

“A Cold Day” by Nicole Murphy

“Scales of Time” by Foz Meadows & Moni

“Love Letters of Swans” by Tansy Rayner Roberts


Excerpt from “Kneaded”:

I hugged Mama from behind, peering around her generous form to watch her shape the doughy lump.

“Is it a gingerbread man?” I asked.

She shook her head, body shuddering with the movement. With a satisfied grunt she poked raisins into the ‘head’.

“What is it, then?”

“It’s something for me, sweetling,” she said, and I let go of her waist, stepping back so she could put it on a tray. I considered the little loaf.

“It looks like a baby.”

“Mmm.” She smiled at me. “Harold Croft visited while you were walking with Daniel. Annie’s in early labour. I said I’d go around when it was time.”

“Exciting,” I said. “So that’s not for her?”

“No, nor for you.”

I pouted, then asked, “Mama, why don’t other people taste like me?”

She tipped her head to the side and looked at me. Heat crept up my cheeks.

“I mean, when I kiss your forehead, you’re salty. But I’m not. And Daniel…”

Mama’s eyebrows shot up.

I bit my lip. “No one smells the same as me. Not even you. Is there no one like me?”

She wiped her hands on her apron, took it off and hung it on a hook. “You’re just special.” She kissed my cheek. “You’re my sweetling.”

I glanced at the dough baby. “Mama, am I a real girl?”


Go! Off with ye! Buy the book! 😉


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