“Perfect Soldiers” in Equilibrium Overturned

Equlibrium Overturned is now available to purchase in paperback or kindle formats through Amazon. Grey Matter Press have been fabulous to work with, and their anthologies are doing extremely well so if you like a bit of darkness in your stories, you should really check them out. I’ve been waiting on this publication for quite some time, and I’m thrilled it’s finally out there. “Perfect Soldiers” is arguably the most ambitious story I’ve written and I owe thanks to Jason Fischer for helping me figure out which direction to take it.

From the blurb: The rift between this world and the one beyond has been ripped open, and a terrifying evil from the other side is gaining momentum by feeding off the hatred and fear of humankind. With a dwindling number of available soldiers, the armies of Earth are forced to resort to unspeakable measures to fight what may be the war to end all wars.

And a teaser:

Bieruń, Poland

Dominic Meyers, UN Special Forces, watches the white-haired general lean forward in his seat as the chopper begins its descent into Hell. Sweat beads on the old man’s forehead; the clammy fog of his fear blankets the cabin. He points to the east.

“Is that it?”

Dominic nods without looking. He can see it in his mind’s eye: a subtle, warped shimmer extending from the horizon and pointing into the sky like a narrow finger. Turn your head and look at it out of the corner of your eye and it becomes a dark smudge. The general is mind-blind so he says, “Yes, sir.”

“Not very impressive, is it?” The general forces a laugh. Dominic shrugs off his commanding officer’s oppressive mood.

“Sir, it would be useful if you could employ the mind-calming techniques you learned during briefing.”

The old man’s face turns pink, but he closes his eyes and remains still as the chopper bumps onto land. The fear that permeates the air subsides.

Dominic throws open the door. Two men wait just beyond the swoosh of the rotor blades.

Welcome back, Dominic, he hears in his mind. As he pivots back to the general, he sends a thought to both men.

This one’s weak. Be on guard.


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