“Chasing the Storm” at SQ Mag

My story “Chasing the Storm” is live today over at SQ Mag! Click on the image above for the Table of Contents. Even better, you can read it for FREE! It’s a fabulous issue, the special edition Australiana issue (check out that cover!). My story is set in North Queensland, where most of my maternal relatives live, so this story is pretty much dedicated to my awesome aunts, my uncle, my grandparents, cousins, and of course my mum!

Also special kudos for Jason Fischer who had the brilliant idea that inspired my rewrite of this story.


“There’s a big one forming up near Rollingstone. You coming?” Paul’s voice distorts as I hold the phone away and glance at my boss. He boxes a pizza, tosses it onto the warmer and faces me, one eyebrow raised expectantly.

“Please, Billy?” I turn the puppy-dog eyes on and pout. “Paul says it’s big.”

Billy rolls his eyes. “It’s always big, Chelsea. Who am I to stand in the way of glory? I’m sure we’ll manage.” He flicks a tea towel at my hip. “Go on, bugger off.”

“You’re the best boss in the world,” I say with a grin as I hang up my apron.

“Just make sure you share the photos on Facebook!” he yells as I hurry for the door. Just before I leave the pizzeria I hear him explain to a puzzled customer, “She’s a storm-chaser. Bloody crazy, but she gets good photos!”

If you enjoy the mag, share the love!


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