Colourful stories

Photo by Image Editor at Flickr

Photo by Image Editor at Flickr

This is possibly only mildly interesting to some people but today I realised my stories have auras… Ok not really, but when I think of my finished / near-finished stories, they are invariably associated with a very specific colour. It’s like I actually see the story tinged with the colour (in my mind). I’ve not really been consciously aware of it, and I think today what happened was that I had a random thought “I want to write a golden story” with a very definite warm golden colour, then switched between thinking about two of my stories quite quickly and noticed the colour change in my mind.

(“Poppies” appears as a purplish red and a WIP as a dark greyish blue, enough of a contrast to “see”). Some of the colours seem to be linked to descriptions I’ve used in the story (like “Poppies”, but also “Banned Girl” and another WIP), and others seem to be more tied to the mood of the story, especially the horror stories which are markedly more dark.

I’m not sure if I would call it synaethesia, it’s only my stories, not my poems and not other people’s stories. It has got me wondering how it affects my drafting and editing process though, if it does.

Brains are awesome, no wonder zombies want to eat them.


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