Equilibrium Overturned

I’ve been dying to announce this one. Grey Matter Press is a fairly new publisher and their anthologies have been receiving excellent reviews, plus award nominations. The open call I submitted to was Ominous Realities, which was published late last year. In the email I received was the news that I didn’t get into Ominous Realities, but that they had received so many good stories that they were creating a different anthology, titled Equilibrium Overturned. And my story was going to be in that.

I’ve waited so very patiently and now I get to share the table of contents.

In alphabetical order:

Rose Blackthorn – “Through the Ghostlands”
Jay Caselberg – “Compartmental”
Geoffrey W. Cole – “The Collected Sylvia, Volumes 1 to 1388″
Sean Eads – “The Alamo Incident: From the Chronicles of Timaeus Shields”
John Everson – “Amnion”
JG Faherty – “Martial Law”
Jeff Hemenway – “The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder”
Roger Jackson – “No Man’s Land”
Tony Knighton – “Sunrise”
S.G. Larner – “Perfect Soldiers”
Martin Slag – “Wombie”
Stephen T. Vessels – “The Butcher of Gad Street”
Josh R. Vogt – “The Queen of Thermodynamic Equilibrium”
Tim Waggoner – “This is Not a Horror Story”

My story is science fiction horror, stay tuned for publication!


One thought on “Equilibrium Overturned

  1. Hi Stacey, and congratulations! Reading your post reminded me how I’ve been chewing my own nails waiting to talk about “Equilibrium Overturned” 🙂 My own experience reflects yours in that I originally submitted for “Ominous Realities” as well, so the “waited very patiently” line made me smile.

    Once again, congrats, and I look forward to seeing “Perfect Soldiers”!

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