Reflections on a Month of Poetry

I successfully wrote 31 poems in 31 days over January. I did miss two days but made up for it by writing double the day after. It was an interesting exercise in persistence and the different wells of creativity you can draw on as a poet.

By far the most fun I had was learning how to do erasure poems. The fabulous thing about Month of Poetry is that it pushes you to experiment with form: I wrote several erasures, a villanelle, a pantoum, haiku, and lots of free verse. Some of my poems were tiny (3 lines) and some were quite long (I wrote a tragic after-ever-after to the Little Mermaid). Some of them are real gems I will polish and submit, others were fun or cathartic, and some were written because “aaargh must write a poem today!” I learned from some amazing and inspiring poets and am motivated to work as hard on my poetry as I do on my fiction now. The Brisbane poetry scene needs to gird itself for my presence!

So thank you, Tiggy, for pushing me to sign up, and thanks Kat for creating the space for Month of Poetry! I’m looking forward to next year :D.

Leaf litter hides
Decomposing matter
Fungus slowly unfurls


5 thoughts on “Reflections on a Month of Poetry

    • You should sign-on next year and hop onto the blog. It’s family friendly, and so very supportive for writers of all styles and ages. It’s different to writing in isolation… A lot of fun!

  1. Great wrap-up, Stacey. It was an awesome group on the blog. I think that helps to push us in new directions and explore styles/topics we wouldn’t normally consider. And then there’s just the FUN of all that feedback and chatter… So glad you could join us! #iloveit

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