A week of poetry and Tangent Online’s recommended reading list 2013

Yesterday I checked Facebook and saw Tangent Online’s recommended reading list for 2013 had been published. I checked it out, remembering that they had reviewed “Poppies” and was pleasantly surprised to see it had made the list.

I’ve written a poem every day so far in January. I’m aiming to do the entire month, for Month of Poetry. Last year I started Post-it Note Poetry but found I couldn’t keep up and it felt stressful. I feel more confident about poetry this year, and no need to take a photo to upload. MoP is capped to registration prior to Jan 1 so you can’t join up this year, but if it sounds interesting check it out next year!

Here are some snippets of the words I’ve been playing with (minus Jan 3 as I already posted that in full):

Jan 1

She feels him brush her skin,

the breath of his passing

a cold touch down her spine.

He shuts the door,

leaving her to silent cinema

and missed opportunities.

Jan 2

There’s a bronze fish floating

in her pool,

and she’s not sure how it got there.

Jan 4

The butter smells rancid.

From the vegetable crisper,

the faint whiff of


Jan 5


shotgun wedding

blew up infinite sense.

All superstring particles vibrate this

way, explains the Accelerator.

Jan 6

Multiverse has inflated.

From nothingness it is simple—

gravity is dominant,

because precisely.

Jan 7


dropped down to ten,

five emerge,

hence theories were


a beach ball around the equator.

Jan 8

When someone loses their mind,

where does it go?

I’ve been playing with a new (to me) kind of poetry, erasure poetry, hence the weird sounding ones from the 5th-7th of Jan. Tiggy Johnson sent me a link to a submission call for erasure poetry through Silver Birch Press, check it out!


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