Ode to the Unexpected

From Jeff Vandermeer's "Wonderbook"

From Jeff Vandermeer’s “Wonderbook”

This is embarrassing.
I never expected

I thought I was erudite.
Perhaps a little incoherent in my
but otherwise sound in
creative constitution.

It begs the question.
What are you?
Why have you come?
From which demented part
of me
did you spring?

Was it the time I stole
all the green M&Ms
so my brother couldn’t have any?
Was it the time I lied
about the Easter eggs,
(that were mine),
and got in trouble?

I see you, but I don’t like you.
You’re ugly.
Not the beautiful artwork
I expected.
You stare at me
with mournful eyes,
and I wish I could rub you out,
start all over again.


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