I sold something…

But it wasn’t fiction!

I sold my first non-fiction article. It was a very good feeling, I must say! I’ve been a busy little beaver, madly editing and submitting ALL THE STORIES, and pitching article ideas.

I finally finished reworking “Perfect Soldiers”, “Vultures”, and “In Winter”. I’m satisfied with the former two but I think the latter still needs some tweaks.

I’m taking things a lot more seriously now. I wouldn’t say I didn’t take my writing seriously before, but I’ve really knuckled down to the reality of editing. And I’ve decided I will have to split my fiction writing time with non-fiction writing, as unfortunately non-fiction pays better and I need to earn money.

Hoping, of course, that my first sale wasn’t a fluke!

So including non-fiction and poetry, I currently have 12 submissions out in the wild.

Just keep subbing, just keep subbing…


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