Review: Jagganath by Karin Tidbeck

My partner started reading this short story collection, and said to me, “Here, you have to read this story.” It was “Rebecka” and, high praise, he said it reminded him of my writing. I read it and LOVED it.

So I sat down and read the entire thing.

My favourite stories were “Rebecka”, “Jagganath”, “Beatrice”, “Augusta Prima” and… oh hmmm, I could probably go on. Some stories evoked intense emotions. The abandonment in “Some Letters for Ove Lindstrom” cut me to the quick. “Cloudberry Jam” was poignant and bittersweet. “Aunts” is a sensual feast, and “Reindeer Mountain” brought up some uncomfortable feelings about my own childhood, with its themes of fitting in (or not), and a sense of something wonderful about to happen that doesn’t end up happening to you.

The only ones that fell a bit flat for me were “Who is Arvid Pekon”, “Pyret” (and I KNOW this one is held up as fantabulous but apart from the very end, it didn’t really interest me that much), and “Miss Nyberg and I”. I get the feeling these would have been better read in Swedish, I feel they may have lost something in the translation that *I* needed.

Highly recommend this collection!


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