About Ditmars and all that jazz.

So I’ve seen a bunch of writers I admire post about the Ditmars. I have a few works eligible for nomination but given the competition I wasn’t particularly excited by that ;). But then I saw my name on the eligibility list for Best New Talent. I’m up against some rather-more-well-known writers, but hey, it’s still nice to be eligible!

I have had a frustrating seven months, trying to get stories accepted, getting this close >< but not making the final cut. I do have stories out there, but probably not ones most people have read. It would be nice to get a nomination, though, so I decided to spruik. I’ve already put in my nominations as I see some very deserving stories and people on the eligibility list.

If you’re a “natural person active in fandom or a full or supporting member of the national convention” (Conflux this year) you can nominate. I wasn’t quite sure what active in fandom meant, so I wrote that I’m a SFF writer active on social media and with subscriptions to Australian SFF&H publications.

The nomination form is here.

I’m eligible for:

Best New Talent

Best Short Story

“Duck Creek Road” in Bloody Parchment: Hidden Things, Lost Things and other stories

“Regret” in In Fabula-divino

“White Poppy Serenade” in From Stage Door Shadows

“Midsummer’s Eve” in Deck the Halls: festive tales of fear and cheer

“The Minotaur’s Tale” in Luna Station Quarterly 9

Unfortunately most of my stuff isn’t free online but The Included Middle is free fiction I write monthly, so that might help if you’ve not read many of my published stories.

Jumping on the bandwagon, get voting! Awards are always nice to share around :).


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