And then the wheels fell off. #postitnotepoetry

I’ve been rather proud of the way I’ve been managing to keep up with #postitnotepoetry. Until the wheels fell off. Typically, they fell off when all seemed well again: I’ve had a baby with gastro, and it finally seemed like we were all clear… and I just couldn’t cope anymore!

And then the group on Facebook exploded. So many new people. And I thought about writing something, and taking a photo, and uploading it… and it just felt wrong. It’s not hard, really, to write a poem and take a photo and upload it—but when something feels like a chore, a medium that is usually very personal for me became something not-fun.

So I think I’ve come to the end of #postitnotepoetry. I may still pop in with a poem or two but I need to get my momentum up with writing actual prose, and well, getting a handle on my life again.

Thanks for dreaming it up Adam and Jodi!


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