The Included Middle Vol. 8 and Vol. 9

Going through my archives I realised I hadn’t blogged about “The Impossible Room”, which was volume 8 of The Included Middle. So I’ll blog about it as well as the latest release, “Waiting”.

Due to an extreme lack of time (I was homeschooling my eldest daughter and that completely sucked up the tiny bits of time I manage to eke out to write) The Included Middle was forced into a hiatus after The Impossible Room. I wrote it longhand, in the style of a journal. Someone trapped in a room that can’t possibly exist. Is it a science experiment? A torture device? Or just some anomaly in the fabric of the universe? There are no answers given. The scans of the story double as the image. If you can’t read my writing there is a transcript (though it loses some impact).

“Waiting” is a poem I wrote after I found myself in a situation pretty much exactly as written. I couldn’t stop thinking about the woman, and how I had a chance to help, but didn’t. So I wrote a poem about it. Big thanks to Tiggy Johnson for her suggestions. It’s not at all speculative, but it’s not hard to understand.

Lloyd and I are back into it now. We’re aiming to publish a new volume the first Monday of the month (for ten months: life gets too busy in November).

Hope you enjoy!


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