I lost my reading mojo

I don’t know if this happens to other writers, but I got to this point where I didn’t want to read other people’s words. I have been reading SO much, but in a really haphazard manner due to parenting. I have six or seven books on the go (and I’m usually a one-at-a-time kinda person).

I think this is one reason I started playing games in my “downtime”. This need to just distance myself from other people’s worlds, characters, writing styles… usually as I read I’m taking notes (sometimes unconsciously) of how this sentence was crafted, how that bit of character arc has changed my view of the character, etc. I didn’t do that before deciding I needed to write, but now that I do I think it is interfering somewhat with my enjoyment of books. Hmm.

I don’t want to stop doing it, because I think it’s necessary for me as a writer to learn from others, which means reading their words. And these are books I *want* to read. I want to know how they work, and I want to enjoy them.

But I guess I need a break from it (reading?) every now and then. And I’ve been largely editing my own stories, without creating new ones, so perhaps I’ve felt a bit stale? I’ve also been feeling a bit at a loss with blogging, since I haven’t actually finished many books recently. Just started them. :-/ However today, sitting in the car with a sleeping bubba I hooned through Cracklescape by Margo Lanagan so I will be reviewing that over the coming days.

The upshot of all this weird stagnant energy is that when the energy bubbled back, I had a creative frenzy, wrote a short story, sat on it, read it, changed some stuff, waited, changed a few more things, then submitted. It got my most positive rejection yet from Lightspeed’s John Joseph Adams (“nicely written and I enjoyed reading it” yay!) so here’s hoping it finds a home! And here’s hoping my reading mojo is on its way back, because I think I need it. 😉


2 thoughts on “I lost my reading mojo

  1. Sometimes I feel so addle brained from looking after kids all day I simply can’t focus on reading. Its something that’s missing in my life – I find myself reading vicariously through “book nerd” bloggers.

    • I think when I was simply reading for pleasure it wasn’t a huge problem… also, I barely found time to read! Now I have a baby who mostly sleeps in arms so I have a fair bit of time to read… but seem to have reached saturation point!

      They grow up, thankfully hehe.

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