Ignore the (wo)man behind the curtain

I’m really busy. Crazy. I’m writing, I’m editing, I’m proofreading. I’m quiet on here because I have a LOT on. There will be a new The Included Middle soon, I’ve found myself a bit bogged down by the current theme, so I may have to come back to it at another stage and go with something else for the next one.

I am getting some print copies soon of Bloody Parchment: Hidden Things, Lost Things and other stories so I may just do a little competition. It features my story “Duck Creek Road” which got a nice review ;). The competition may or may not offer some other books, I will update when I’ve decided.

I want to give a shout out to Jason Fischer who is an awesome mentor. And his puns are truly groan-worthy. I shake my head at you, Mr Fischer, even as I cackle.

I’m in desperate need of some well-refreshing, thank you Kaaron Warren for that term! I’m not one to usually share my woes on here, I’m sure you all have your own problems and don’t visit here to read about mine. Lately my stories are like therapy. They are dredging stuff up and I’m not really replacing it with anything lovely. Life is hard, writing is necessary, but I’m getting to the point of gasping for creative air. Going for awesome adventures is something I love to do and it really helps with my creativity but the 11-month-old has decided he hates the car. So I’m avoiding driving too far right now.

As far as relaxing activities go, I pretty much steer clear of games on devices. They are time-wasters (for me) and usually I’d rather write, read, sew, knit, or I dunno, go outside. But my brain is reaching overload point and I’ve found myself playing games on the iPad. Bizarre. One disturbingly fascinating one is called Plague Inc. You evolve a disease until it either wipes out humanity or is cured. It sounds pretty morbid but I’m fascinated by it. There is so much to be learned by this game (for the moment, until I get bored with it hehe). It takes into account socio-economic factors, climate, and a raft of other factors. It’s not gruesome, it’s pretty much just a stats and strategy game, but with a horrid premise. Aaah. That’s my downtime right now. Wiping out humankind.

Fun, right?


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