“Regret” has a home

So my exciting news. Back in July I submitted a story to Nicole Murphy’s project in fabula-divino. It was one of those stories that was born from a snippet of imagery that flitted into my mind, seemingly from nowhere. The first few paragraphs were written from that snippet, and then I let it sit for a while to give me time to construct a story. I worked on it piecemeal, and it was, on the whole, easy to get out of my head the way I envisioned it. I had earmarked it for in fabula-divino and when I sent it off I was cautiously optimistic. Surely it was good enough?

I received, to date, my oddest rejection yet. Not because it wasn’t good enough, but because… it didn’t need enough work? Oh this frustrating business of writing! Nicole had some lovely things to say about the story, that made me want to cry (yes I’m a sentimental sleep-deprived fool). Ever optimistic, I dusted myself off it sent it somewhere else.

I waited. It was rejected by one pro market. I sent it off to another, hoping it would fit there. While I was waiting on a response there Nicole emailed me to ask if it was still available. She was changing the format of in fabula-divino and wanted to publish my story. I withdrew the story from the slushpile (that was a daunting lesson in itself!) and Nicole and I have been working on it, so it is ready for its debut on September 1… which happens to be my birthday!

Working with Nicole has been lovely. New writers can be quite hesitant to question an editorial comment or change, and I’ve had to force myself to stand up for my writing more in the past. Not wanting to rock the boat and make someone else’s job harder saw me accepting changes that I didn’t always want to accept. I’ve gotten better at this, and Nicole made the process easier. She also made me laugh at my attempt at ignoring an obvious logic flaw (indeed, my character does NOT have x-ray vision in which to see inside the pockets of others). Editors who can make you laugh at yourself are gold (and I’ve had the privilege of working with another generous editor who can do that).

So I am thrilled that this story, a labour of love and a rare feelgood story from me, has a home and I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it!


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