Forego vs forgo

I happily called my blog forego reality as when I was a teenager I wrote a poem that has pretty much informed my gloomiest moments in life. it went thus:

In the morning,
All dreams fade away,
But at night
They become life.
To live dreaming,
Is to forego reality,
But oft the living dream,
Is better than real life.

I was a dream addict. I love to sleep and dream. I dream in colour, I dream vividly. If I write my dreams down they start to invade my conscious life to an extreme point. Anyway, that’s beside the point of this post ;). I have experienced some anxiety of late reading the word “forgo”, and wondering if I actually misspelled the word way back when I was 17. A quick check of Google shows me that forego is an alternate spelling of forgo, but that many writers choose forgo to avoid confusion, as the other meaning of “forego” is “to precede”. But I’m ok with that. “Precede reality” is just as relevant to this blog as is “abandon reality”.

So just in case you were wondering why on earth I can’t spell forgo, actually, I can, I just spelled it differently.

(Haha, yes I am a spelling nerd. Imagine if I’d used incorrect spelling in my blog name! The horror!)


2 thoughts on “Forego vs forgo

    • Since you don’t hav e a profile linked I wonder if you’re trolling, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. As far as links go, there is also which states “variant of forgo”,, and well, more. Forgo can’t be used in place of “forego” (meaning precede) but forego can be used as an alternate spelling of forgo. From now on I will be using forgo when I mean “to give up” but as I said, I’m quite happy with the definition “to precede” applying equally to this blog. So I’ll respectfully agree to disagree with you.

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