The Included Middle Vol.5: Apologies for the wasteland

Amusingly that’s how I feel about this blog at the moment. It’s been very quiet I know. August is the start of what I call birthday season around here. Birthday season is like Christmas for me, it tends to suck me in, chew me up and spit me out the other end. So I’ve been unproductive on the writing front, although I have a very cool announcement to make (but it can wait for a few more days).

So to The Included Middle. Our plan was to actually postpone it due to my insane busyness, but Lloyd had a quirky desire to put a bit of audio up, with the wind whistling, and an image of a deserted landscape. That audio turned into the longest track so far, and an image that inspired a bit of prose poetry from me. I don’t usually write poetry, I lack the ability to really self-edit it, but it’s short. You could maybe even argue it’s a vignette? Meanwhile Lloyd’s track is nice and ambient so you can listen while doing pretty much anything.

So please, go check out Apologies for the wasteland. And stay tuned for my announcement (some of you know already but I wanted to share the good news here too).


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