Deck the Midnight Echo with workshops of horror. Or something like that.

Apologies if this post is a trifle jumbled. I have lots of snippets I want to mention.

First is that I have the proof of Deck the Halls (the cover is amazing!)and have started attacking it with the yellow pen of doom. I am embarrassed to admit I feel satisified glee when I find pesky little typos. I hunt them down and it just feels so good. As I said on twitter, I want to find all the typos! (I also want to proofread all the books!) And now I am super paranoid there will be a typo in this post (highly likely since my “r” key is misbehaving). (Hahaha I just read back over this and discovered ‘paanoid’ instead of ‘paranoid’).

Second, I just finished reading Midnight Echo Issue 6. It’s the sci-fi horror issue, and I recommend you read it. I wasn’t hugely creeped out by most of the stories, but there were a couple I found disturbing. However the quality of the stories was very high. Lots of writer friends and acquaintances in it so I won’t name my favourites. I will however give a special mention to the AHWA Flash Fiction Comp winner, “Duncan Checks Out” by Nicholas Stella. It’s Stella’s debut publication and by the end you thoroughly sympathise with what the main character is driven to.

Third, I am going to apply for the horror mentorship program offered by the Australian Horror Writer’s Association. It’s entirely online, run over a 3 month period, so would be perfect for me. I still have to finalise my membership but I have all fingers crossed that I will be successful after jumping all hurdles.

Fourth, the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival program is out. I’m not going this year but there is a workshop I’d love to attend. Melissa Lucashenko is running a workshop titled “Writing the Aboriginal World” which would be fantastic as I have a few stories that feature aboriginal characters or mythology and I’m worried about “getting it wrong” so to speak. However places are limited, it’s on at an awkward time and I’m not even sure if bubba will be ok with me being away from him for 3 hours. *sigh* Maybe if everything falls into place.

Fifth, I have sent off both my June submissions. I had intended on sending a different story to Midnight Echo but it didn’t seem to quite fit the guidelines. When my Bloodstones story was rejected I sent it off to Midnight Echo instead as I had toyed with the idea of sending it there and when it came back, I took it as a sign. I also sent off my story to Mistresses of the Macabre. Hopefully there will be an acceptance soon.

The rest of June will be taken up with proofreading Deck the Halls, uploading a new story to The Included Middle, and editing “Banned Girl”, a post-apocalyptic story set in Boonah, QLD. Fun times!


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