Debut of The Included Middle

Lloyd (aka Secret Killer of Names) and I have been talking for some time now of collaborating in some creative endeavour. Something that we can create and focus on, other than the Goo boy. I have been thinking of it as a second baby ;). Until now it’s been words on the breeze but we finally kicked into gear and came up with something that utilises our talents.

The Included Middle is a collaborative project that rejects binary modes of thinking. Our offerings of sound, image and text stand alone while simultaneously intersecting to create negotiated meaning. The boundaries of this project will shift and evolve as we do.

Each offering will consist of an audio piece, a written piece and an image. Formats will vary, and each component of the offering will be based on a theme. The works will be creative pieces in their own right, perhaps influencing the creation of the others, perhaps combining to change the meaning of an individual component.

My very first story was influenced by Lloyd’s audio track (experimental electronic music). Immediately I got strong visuals and feelings that I wanted to translate into words. When I began to write I found myself writing in second person–much to my horror. I am really not a fan of second person but I decided to let it unfold. Third person was too distanced for the experience I wanted to create of being in the character’s skin, but “I” felt too close to me. I believe this might be the first time I’ve used second person (somewhat) willingly. The piece is a vignette, a snapshot that hints at something more. Check out Volume 1.

We are aiming to release a new offering each fortnight. For Lloyd’s take on it, head over to Secret Killer of Names. If you like what we do, please subscribe to the RSS feed, follow us, or spread the word!


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