Book launches, new projects

I’m getting very excited, because there are TWO books coming out soon that contain stories of mine. I just had a look over the PDF proof of one, and completed an author interview for the other, so it feels very close.

I’m also chipping away at my two June stories… and my partner in crime and I are about to launch a collaborative project, featuring music, words and image. Life is very full!

Today is a public holiday, so I’m thinking we might head into the Odditoreum. From the website:

The Odditoreum features a menagerie of curiosities, both large and small, pulled from deep within the vaults of Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.

These oddities, carefully selected for their peculiarity, have been transformed by children’s author and illustrator Shaun Tan, who has blurred fact with fantasy to create intriguing stories for each object.
Is the giant liquorice allsorts shoe actually a guide dog testing distraction device? Is the massive hairball a Middle Ages cannonball substitute? And did they really use embarrassing boys dresses as punishment suits for naughty children?

The oddities are no less intriguing when you discover what they actually are!

Young visitors can also let their imaginations soar by writing their own labels and stories about the weird and wonderful oddities on display.

I’m thinking I might just get some inspiration too!



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