Year planning

I have some concrete goals set for the next few months. I started the year with the modest goal of submitting a story per month but that proved unattainable in the first half of the year. I subbed nothing during April but worked solidly on a story that was subbed mid-May.

I have two stories I’d like to submit by the end of this month. The first to Midnight Echo, the second to the anthology Mistresses of the Macabre. Looking over my potential markets for the rest of the year, I see I have a few months “off”. One submission due end September, two due mid-October. I had thought of searching out other markets but I’ve decided to spend the the months working on other stories. I have one that I’d like to extend, perhaps not novella length but maybe 9000 words, as I don’t think it works in short short form (and the rejections it has under its belt are possibly a testament to that).

So to plan out the year (reserving the right to change my plans!):

June – finish and submit stories to Midnight Echo and Mistresses of the Macabre.

July – Finish “Regret”, work on “Trellis” and “Perfect Soldiers”.

August – Story for Kayelle Press anthology ‘Tomorrow’.

September – Write story for ‘Dreaming of Djinn’, submit story for ‘Tomorrow’.

October – Finish and submit stories for ‘Dreaming of Djinn’ and CSFG ‘Next’ anthologies.

November – Finish “Trellis”.

I’d like to submit “Perfect Soldiers” and “Regret” by the end of the year, “Trellis” may need longer. We’ll see how we go anyway.

I should probably get editing!


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