What I’m Doing (or yes I am writing!)

I’ve been getting really frustrated with how little I’m getting done due to SuperFussyBaby. I knew it wouldn’t be possible to write as much as I could before he was born but I’d hoped I might get some time while he slept, at night etc.

SuperFussyBaby is named thus because he can’t bear to sleep any further than a metre from a warm human body. He also wants to be held almost constantly (except when he doesn’t) and screams way more than my previous children. This does not translate to much writing time for me. I went through a very gloomy phase thinking that I was doomed to fall out of practice. I also had two stories accepted within a short time of each other and I was itching to submit more.

This post is to remind me what I’ve done in the 3.5 months since his birth. Because really, I’m doing as much as I can.

Since SuperFussyBaby was born, I have:

Written around 6400 words. That’s two shorts completed, and three WIPs. I also have ideas for two more stories. Those 6400 words have sometimes been hard won, eked out one-handed while holding a grumpy baby.

Completed first round edits on an accepted story.

Beta read for three writing friends.

Proofread several stories.

I’ve also had three rejections which means I am submitting!

So really, that’s not too bad. Sure it’s an average of less than a hundred words a day but I’m writing! And I have a HUGELY fussy baby. And I haven’t withdrawn from my writing community either. So I need to celebrate what I am doing, instead of focussing on what I’m not doing (especially those times I’m desperate to write but can only do it in my head).

Still here, still writing.


5 thoughts on “What I’m Doing (or yes I am writing!)

  1. Sounds like you have your hands full. Given that, I think you’ve done remarkably well with your writing. While I participate in #FridayFlash pretty regularly, I haven’t submitted anything for publication lately. Keep up the good work and good luck with that baby!

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