October update

In October, I:

  • Submitted to Strange Horizons;
  • Submitted to the Bloody Parchment comp;
  • Finished first draft of “Afterpains”;
  • Received three rejections (Best Australian Stories, Spineless Wonders Short Story comp, Apocalypse Hope);
  • Started a new sci-fi horror story;
  • Started revising a story to submit elsewhere;
  • Finished reading Business of Death and started reading Roil also by Trent Jamieson;
  • Saw the official launch of Eighty Nine (my first spec fic story in print!)

Plans for November include:

  • Write every day. I’m not doing NaNo but I aim to…
  • finish three new short stories;
  • edit three existing shorts;
  • work on my Dystopian novella;
  • submit to Night Terrors and possibly ASIM.

Wish me luck!


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