Another one bites the dust.

Rejected again.

I know there are heaps of writers who get rejected. I’m having a baby in about 6 weeks though. I feel this sense of anxiety that everything I’ve submitted will be rejected and then I’ll have this huge writing hiatus and by the time I come back to it all my peers will be so far ahead of me while I’ll be starting basically from scratch again. Maybe baby will be an awesome day sleeper, and I’ll get to write. But then again, I can’t count on that.

I’m starting to think I should forget about writing to specific anthology briefs. Maybe I should just write the stories that come into my head and submit them to general spec fic markets. Instead of slaving for many hours over stories that may not easily fit anywhere else, thus requiring substantial rewrites. I’m also thinking I should avoid submitting anything that’s not read blind, at least until I get some publishing credits.

If my Machine of Death story is rejected I’ll post it up here… how’s that one for an impossible resubmission!? (And I’ll be hearing about that one all too soon!)

Taking it harder than I should, I know… blame the hormones perhaps.


2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust.

  1. Hormones or not, sensitive writer or not…we should allow ourselves some time to feel what we feel. Rejection is hard but you just have to remember it is not personal. Keep working, keep submitting and enjoy your baby when the time comes….:)

  2. I think it’s a good idea to write what you want and find the markets later. Writing to market makes the rejections harder because it’s more difficult to see where the story will go next. Write what’s loudest, and the market will eventually take care of itself!

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