Eighty Nine online book launch and Amazon chart rush!

Eighty Nine is officially launched today! If you’re on Facebook go and check out the launch. The stories are being rolled out hourly online at Literary Mix Tapes. My story, “Dísintegration”, is up at seven pm, AEST (NOT daylight savings time). After 24 hours they’ll be taken down, so go have a gander and buy the book! (It’s pretty damn cheap!)

My song prompt was The Cure’s “Fascination Street” from the album Disintegration. Initially I found it hard to think of anything I wanted to write, as the song made me think of seedy dark alleyways and well, misogyny! I wanted to tie in the Exxon Valdez disaster somehow, and so I started a story that was going to be about the Captain of the Exxon Valdez, and how he was to get his supernatural justice after inflicting such a horrendous catastrophe upon nature. After doing a fair amount of research I realised I couldn’t pillory him like that. Accounts are varied and it’s possible the Captain was scapegoated by the company, after cutbacks. Could I use the CEO of Exxon? I tossed back and forth and began to write the first scene. Harry popped his ugly head into my consciousness and I went with it. After about 500 words I felt sick at what I was writing and it took me weeks to come back to it! Harry is a thoroughly unpleasant person, and being in his mind was not a fun experience.

I knew I wanted to visit some supernatural being on him so did some more Googling. I came up with the dís, from Norse mythology. They are associated with a person’s fate and can be beneficial or antagonistic. I liked the idea that Harry has created his own fate in the form of a female spirit that is ultimately fed by his own fears and hatred. It’s a dark little story, I admit!

Literary Mix Tapes will launch their latest offering, “Eighty Nine” via Amazon Chart Rush. Eighty Nine is a collection of speculative fiction short stories based on a playlist of 26 songs from that year 1989, drawing on historical, cultural, political and personal events of that year.

We invite everyone to participate in the raft of activities which includes trivia questions, a chance to chat with the authors, a call to arm your facebook profile with a photo from 1989, reading and enjoying the stories as they go up free online – and most importantly purchasing your paperback copy.

All from the ease and comfort of your couch!

So go check it out, and have some fun!

The link for the Amazon US chart rush is here.

UK Amazon is here.

Who doesn’t love a bit of 80’s speculative fiction?


3 thoughts on “Eighty Nine online book launch and Amazon chart rush!

  1. Cool insight into the formation of your story, Stacey. It gives me a greater understanding of the depth of the story.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  2. Thanks Adam. The story kept coming back to the visual of prostitutes and a dingy alleyway, because of the feel I got from the song. It was much trickier working in everything else!

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