Too many ideas!

I have all these ideas swirling around in my head for stories. One is a horror story that I need to ensure doesn’t come across cliched and exploitative (as it involves pregnancy stuff… see this post on pregnancy tropes). One is leaning toward being sci fi and centred around birth stuff again. There is another sci fi/horror one around pregnancy too. Hmmm, is there a theme going on here?

One of the things writers are told, to get them writing, is “write what you know”. Right now I’m deep in the world of pregnancy, birth and babies (except for the times I forget I’m pregnant: apparently I’m not the only one this happens to). The first idea, the horror, is perhaps a way for me to express one of my fears. The second idea is to illustrate some issues around the politics of birth. The third covers a few issues, but again it’s my desire to explore concepts related to pregnancy attitudes and wider society. The trick is of course, to make it interesting and not preachy!

I hope I can get them all down and do them justice, before the ideas evaporate into nonsense!


2 thoughts on “Too many ideas!

  1. I’m sitting in the same boat about now Stacey…so many ideas and only limited hours in the day. Hope you get them all jotted down in time. Looking forward to reading them.

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