Submission goals for the rest of the year

So as most people know I have a bit of a deadline approaching… my third child is expected to arrive earthside some time in December (before Xmas or I will be very grumpy). I know from experience that babies tend to curtail creative endeavours somewhat (a lot) so I am trying to submit (or get as many things ready to submit) as many things as possible before my time runs out!

I’ve just been looking over my submissions list and thought I would update.


Best Australian Stories
Spineless Wonders Short Story comp

Submitted and waiting

Machine of Death
Wet Ink
Apocalypse Hope
Gold Coast Indie Authors comp

In progress

Bloody Parchment
Strange Horizons
Lightspeed magazine (2 stories)
Dystopia novella

To be started

Midnight Echo

Waiting for submissions to reopen

Luna Station Quarterly or Fantasy magazine

I decided to abandon the Damnation and Dames story. It just wasn’t working, and I have more than enough to occupy me without stressing about something I couldn’t write. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year but I will make sure I spend a lot of time writing so I can get my pending submissions finalised and spend some time on my Dystopia (which has been sorely neglected!)


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