Trent Jamieson’s The Business of Death

I finished the last book in the Death Works trilogy the other day. I loved it. There is a darkness to the last book, even with Trent’s humour flowing through, that gives it a sense of urgency. My favourite line would have to be: “Less chat, more run,” I say. (p.802)

It’s a line that perfectly captures the banter between characters, Steve’s nature and I daresay Trent’s irrepressible personality as well! Such an innocuous little line that made me laugh in delight at the silliness of people even in the face of grim catastrophe.

As we are driven to the book’s inevitable finale we hope that our characters will escape unscathed, knowing that we will lose at least some of them. And in the end, we’re left with the knowledge that what was meant to be, came to pass. I can’t really say too much else without spoiling, so I won’t. But Trent, congrats on your first published trilogy and I’m looking forward to reading Roil!


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