My to-read list.

Right now I am proofreading an anthology but I have a huuuuuge list of books to read. Thought I’d share them here!

This has been sitting waiting for me for a while! I did start reading it but got sidetracked by life whoops.

After reading Red Spikes I’ve been hanging out to read more Margo Lanagan! My wonderful mother got me an Avid book voucher for my birthday and I knew I’d use part of it for this book.

Again with the book voucher ;). I can’t wait to read the last Death Works book, and Trent kindly signed it for me too :D.

I’ve started this one, and am enjoying it so far.

I must admit I found the first Mieville novel I started difficult to read. The City and The City proved really hard to actually get into for me… I loved the concept but I didn’t like the style. I found the character difficult to get into (written in the first person so it made it fairly impenetrable). I hate not finishing books but after renewing it once I took it back to the library unfinished when the second due date rocked around. I’m hoping this collection of short stories proves easier to get into.

A collection of vampire stories set in Australia! I wanted to submit to this anthology but ended up not having time because of NaNo.

A collection of dark short stories by an author who writes really interesting stuff!

Technically I’ve already read NBT, but that was online a while ago so am looking forward to re-reading the paperback!

Again, I’ve read a few of these (I helped edit it after all!) but I haven’t read all the stories, and now I have a shiny thick copy to read!

Hmmm, I think I’m set for reading material for a while!


2 thoughts on “My to-read list.

  1. Nice list! I’m borrowing some of these off you! I’d love to read earth Abides, can’t get it on kindle… And Clive Barker is evert a favorite! Happy reading.

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