Musings of a crossroads demon #fridayflash

The frailties of the human mind never cease to astonish me, even after all this time. I’ve seen all types—the ones who are desperate for fame, fortune or both; the ones who want to live forever; the ones who want power; the ones who have twisted desires that only I can help them achieve. I’ve met people who throw their soul away as thoughtlessly as a poker chip, for the most trivial things. The type of human I really don’t understand, though, is the type who sells their soul for someone else.

I mean, really. I’m a demon. I’m not “good”. Not altruistic. I don’t tear up when a desperate mother pleads for the life of her child. Selling your soul for someone else is possibly the most ridiculous thing you could do. It’s pathetic, and I’m not going to say “Oh well, you were doing it for a good reason so I’m actually not going to demand your soul as payment.” It doesn’t work like that. Of course, it happens. The man who sold his soul to ensure his family have enough to eat for the rest of their lives perishes in a house fire (that, coincidentally, killed his entire family as well) is first disbelieving, then angry that I would still take his soul. It’s not pro bono work.

The truth is, crossroads demons need souls. It’s not just something we do for kicks. Without those souls we wouldn’t survive. The number one priority for most creatures (except the odd ones who value others above themselves) is survival. I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is no Hell. No Heaven either. I won’t tell you what really happens when you die, but you can absolutely waste eternity by selling your soul to me. I’m not going to tell you what I do with them, either. It amuses me that people think us demons torture souls. What would be the point of that? I get that people think we’re “evil”. It’s an interesting concept. One I don’t understand, or relate to. I am what I am. I exist outside the good/evil paradigm. Humans have no real ability to understand our state of being, and thus ascribe uniquely human constructs to our nature.

I’m immortal, yes. Usually I dwell on another plane of existence. In return for your soul, I can fulfil most petty dreams and desires. It’s particularly delightful to find some way of ruining the ‘treasure’ that was sought. Disappointment and despair flavour a soul in a most delicious way.

A bargain with a demon is a double-edged sword. Don’t expect me to be other than I am. But by all means, want more than you can have. Jealousy, envy, pride, single-minded passion—feed them all. I need your souls.


Flash this week inspired by a story I have just finished… I wanted to explore the mind of a demonic entity. Not sure what else to say about this!


20 thoughts on “Musings of a crossroads demon #fridayflash

  1. I absolutely enjoyed your flash! I think it’s pretty damn ingenious when a writer can step into character and forget exactly who they are for a moment without loosing the concept or the grasp of the entire story, or deterring the reader to sit back and say: “Yea, right! A demon!” but to rather say: “I think I’ll keep my soul for now.” And that’s the beauty of writing. Best of luck with your submission.


  2. Tim – if you want to find out, leave a wooden box containing your photo and a few other things (I haven’t figured out what) buried at a crossroads ;).

    Devlin – thanks! 🙂 And wise decision :D.

  3. Reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons when Homer tries to sell his soul for a donut, only he can’t because he gave it to Marge! Really good voice in this one – look forward to reading more!

  4. Dark and very nicely written.

    Reminded me of Supernatural and the Devil from Reaper. You never win with a cross road demon. And I like how there is no heaven and hell, and something else entirely.

  5. John – It’s a cunning plan. Even the Pope said there was no Hell ;).

    Craig – I got most of my mythology from Supernatural! When I was researching crossroads demons the most info I could find came from Supernatural, which I thought was pretty funny. Thanks for reading :).

  6. Interesting piece, and that you gave your demon not an evil voice, but a this is just what I do voice, no feelings one way or the other. I can just see him as door knocking salesman, very good at what he does, and determined to meet this target!

  7. This is absolutely excellently done, it dismisses our usual visions of what the Devil, and Hell would be like, and replaces them with a much more believable, and therefore much more frightening possibility.

    A clever piece of writing.

  8. Helen – door to door salesman, love it! I always find the concept of good/evil applied to supernatural creatures to be a bit strange, although it’s a frame of reference for us I suppose.

    Rebecca – If my MOD story is accepted you’ll find out more!

    Steve – Thanks so much, I like to mix it up a bit :).

  9. Hey Stacey,
    catching up on last week’s stories (has been a hectic week). Like the voice and the idea of what a demon would do with a soul. Might just keep my box of treasures unburied at this stage.
    Adam B @revhappiness

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