Here be Monsters #fridayflash

We bide our time. One day the protective field that shields the humans from our wrath will disintegrate and we will stride forth, crushing their feeble, fleshy bodies beneath our claws. We will feast, then, on the cruel ones who torment us, who taunt and tease and flaunt their freedom. When the invisible shield is gone they will be unable to resist our power.

We bide our time. We sit and watch, waiting for a crack to appear in the strength of the shield. One day we will sally forth. The ground will be littered with bodies, and soon all that will be left is bones. Such a bounty laid out before us. And they are stupidly oblivious to our plans. They believe they are supreme, that only they possess intelligence. Well, they will soon learn of their folly.

And so we bide our time.


“Ugh, they’re creepy.” She shivers with disgust.

“Well named, hey? They look like gigantic spiders.”

“What do you reckon they’re thinking? They’re watching us, watching them.” Goosebumps break out on the skin of her arms and she rubs them.

He slides an arm around her shoulders. “They aren’t thinking anything. They’re crabs. They can’t think.”

“I’m not so sure. Look at them. They’re so . . . menacing. I can’t get over how big they are.”

The boy reads the information plaque. “’Japanese Spider Crabs are scavengers that also feed on shellfish.’ Doesn’t sound like they hunt people, Jenny.”

“They totally could though.”

The rest of their classmates tumble into the room. Exclamations fill the air, ‘gross’ the favourite one. The boy jumps away from the girl with a start as their teacher enters. He grins shyly at her and she smirks back, before taking his hand to pull him away from the glass.

The crabs are motionless, staring out at them. Watching. Biding their time.


I needed to write something kind of light-hearted this week… short and amusing for me to think about. I remembered these crabs from a trip to Underwater World a couple of years ago. The photo doesn’t do their size justice, they really are enormous. Check out Wikipedia for some good scaling photos. Last week I actually had the idea of brooding, hate-filled crabs plotting the doom of humankind but didn’t get around to a Friday Flash, so this week I firmed up the idea in my head after getting my rather morbid Lovecraftian story written (hence the need for some absurdity!)


8 thoughts on “Here be Monsters #fridayflash

  1. I couldn’t help connecting this to tweets by Robin Williams about not seeing any spiders for days and fearing they were conspiring. That’s only because I’m silly. I can see the Lovecraft influence even though it’s unlike his work, so modern in its pacing and your style. Crabs… easily the stuff of nightmares in the proper exposure.

  2. Icy – hehe pigeons eh? I reckon you might have something there.

    John – This wasn’t my Lovecraftian story, though perhaps I’ve been a little influenced over the past week! Crabs are spiderish enough that gigantic “spider” crabs are pretty freaky in my opinion!

  3. I’m not afraid of crabs, but I still found myself going eww when I read what they were thinking. The stuff of nightmares, yet it still made me smile 🙂

  4. Love the malevolent super-villain thinking of the crabs. Great twist of perspective.
    And I agree with Icy. It will be pigeons that take over. You can see it in their eyes.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  5. Tim – yeah I reckon crabs would think we’re too soft and squishy!

    Helen – I’m not afraid of crabs but these ones look like spiders, so give me the heebie jeebies. Plus, they do look like they’re plotting.

    windspiritgirl – Thanks :). Well my Lovecraftian one was rejected so you may just at some point!

    Adam – Danke! I dunno, those pigeons, they’re pretty stupid really ;).

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