Works in progress

I’ve been rather busy with my latest project, and of course as with all things we want to get published, it has to be kind of secret squirrel lest it be deemed as already published. It’s a dystopia set in future Australia, where the role of parents and mothering in particular has been completely turned on its head. It has been quite difficult to write some sections as it comes from a very dark place, but I hope that it’s picked up by the place I am submitting it to. We’ll see!

I had another rejection today for a story I wrote some time back… I’m feeling ok about it, the editor took time to assure me it was well written and not rejected out of hand but it just didn’t quite suit her tastes. And that’s always going to happen, so I’m cool with that. I really do hope I can find a market for it!

I also have another project kind of underway, and I need to get cracking for it. It’s another Literary Mix Tapes anthology, based on songs from 1989 (mine is Fascination Street by the Cure). I’ve had a few vague ideas but so far they’re not translating well on “paper

100 Stories for QLD has been epublished and the book will be out soon. It’s the charity anthology I contributed to, and my staff contribution “Smile” appears within. Proceeds go to the Premier’s Flood Fund.

So I’ll leave you with a teeny snippet from the first draft of my dystopia:

Night gives way to a pale grey light. The tiny barred window high above my head lets in this wan illumination. I hear footsteps and keys jingling, before the dawn chorus of kookaburras drowns them out. I fancy the birds are laughing at me. The door opens and I lift my head with a stubborn pride. I won’t break down again, and give them the satisfaction of seeing my fear. My crime sets me apart from these people, conformists and chameleons all, whose spirits were broken long ago. They are so threatened by me; they say society will be ruined by people who can’t fit in, who can’t tame themselves. I was labelled a sociopath. There is no place for me in this world.


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