Aaaaah… I’m a winner!

I crossed the line on Thursday night, the 25th of November. I first verified at 49995 prompting a hurried “where can I put a sentence?” Once I found a suitable spot, I inserted an eleven word sentence about geckos and reverified. And the above is what I got.


My story is not finished, there is a section missing, which I need to come back to. It is a very rough first draft and I am keenly aware of its flaws (and am sure there are more than what I’ve seen). But I did it, I wrote a 50000 word story in 30 (well 25) days, and proved to myself that I really can write something long and finish it. Because you see, it does have an ending.

The last week was a lot harder than the previous few, because I had a lot more on my plate, so I am relieved I managed to push myself through. Will I do it next year? Probably not, as I’ve lost an entire month where I could have been making Giftmas presents… so will probably be buying more pressies than I’d like to this year! I also wanted to submit a short story by Dec 1 but there’s no way I could have done NaNo and written this short story. Oh well.

I proved my point, and I am happy.


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