NaNo excerpt… and more

So I got my first rejection the other day. It didn’t really surprise me, I knew the structure had issues but of course, if you submit there is always an element of hope. So now that piece is destined for a rewrite and we’ll see how it ends up.

I am currently behind on my NaNoing, but am confident I will catch up and overtake on the weekend. I’ve started working in a non-linear fashion, deciding that if I get bogged down in a section I will jump to whatever wants to be written at that moment. I’m starting to get into the swing of writing for a novel, instead of writing for a short.

So here’s a dream my MC had, after the accident…


The creek called to me. I walked, hearing its siren song, pulled irresistibly through the trees. No birds sang, the leaves on the trees were still. The only sound was the glorious music drawing me ever forward. Shadows passed over me but I struggled onward, knowing that if I could get to the water, I’d be safe. The sky went dark again and I looked up, and screamed when I saw the demonic being hovering over the trees. Its squat body and flame red eyes terrified me and I stumbled into a run, sure that I was close. At last I saw the rocks, and the glistening surface of the creek, and casting a glance back, I plunged into the water. I submerged myself up to my neck, and froze, waiting to see if the demon appeared. A splashing sound behind me made me turn, and as I looked around a gigantic barramundi opened its mouth, barrelled into me and swallowed me up.


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