NaNo day 4… excerpt and musings.

I’m noticing an odd phenomenon. I had thought that doing NaNo would leave me consumed, unable to really do housework or being an involved mother. I chose to do it anyway, because you don’t know unless you try. I’m finding the opposite, though.

I’m writing more than the daily word count every day. My average word count per day is 2089, not 1667. However this is not going hand in hand with squalor or neglect. I am actually MORE motivated to keep my house relatively tidy, and spending more time present with my children. I’ve even done a few jobs I’d been procrastinating about… but not because I’m procrastinating about writing! Hopefully this trend continues!!

Anyway here’s an excerpt from today… I didn’t post one yesterday as it was mostly dialogue, but I realise that in skipping that some things might not make sense in the days to come. Oh well, if you’re really interested you can read it all at the end ;). 8354 words so far…

Something in the trees caught my eye. I had a solitary avocado tree, planted by the previous owners. It was a big spreading thing, with a thick canopy. I saw the movement again and peered more intently. Bird, cat? Big lizard maybe. Curiosity winning out, I wolfed the rest of my sandwich and made my way down the stairs. The grass felt lovely beneath my bare feet and the sun warmed my soul. As I approached the avocado tree I heard a skittering noise, and stopped, frowning. Maybe it was a bird call, something I’d not heard before. I walked under the canopy and stood looking up through the branches.

At first I saw nothing. Then my peripheral vision caught movement again and I swung around. Nothing. “Hmmm.” I ducked under a branch and got closer to the trunk, peering up. Again at the corner of my vision I saw something, an impression of big eyes and long limbs, but when I looked straight on I saw nothing.

“What on earth…?” I breathed.


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