Absentia by NaNo… and the opening

I’m not going to be around much this month, not with NaNoWriMo consuming my month. I’ve already written 2600 words, setting my goal for 2000 words a day since I know there will be life interruptions. I may post the occasional excerpt or such but even though I was hoping to finish the Cuban Portal soon, it may be a while yet, sorry!

So here is the opening of my NaNo story… I’ll reveal a bit more about it as I go ;).


A pregnancy test is the ultimate Schrodinger’s cat. From the moment you pee on that stick, you split into two people: the pregnant you, and the non-pregnant you, existing simultaneously. It’s a tremendously unnerving feeling, regardless of whether pregnancy is on your to-do list.

I read the instructions about three times before I was confident enough to go for it. I had resolved to wait five minutes, so I made myself a coffee. The familiar routine of making a cappuccino soothed me somewhat, and I mused that technically I was the cat, and the test was the box. It just remained to be seen whether I was dead or alive when I opened the box.

Pregnancy was definitely not on my to-do list.


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