I’ve just started thinking about the mechanics of NaNo. This will be my first attempt and there is a lot to get my head around. I’m extremely glad I struggled with my plot continuation with the Cuban story because it’s highlighted a bit of a weakness, AND I just found a great suggestion for overcoming that. I don’t like to plot my stories to death (because generally they do die a death if I overplot) but I will need some way of getting from scene to scene without bogging down. And given that my story idea is fairly vague, it might be a good idea to get some concrete scenes in my head (I have two at the moment!)

I also have the problem of time… I mean we all do, but in the first weekend I’ll be in Sydney, and probably not get any writing done. Day to day writing can be tricky for me as I have no one to share the parenting load with but hopefully I can make up for any lost time on the weekends. I am expecting to be very stressed out at times, but at the same time hopefully this will show me that I *can* write a novel if I just stick at it!


2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo

  1. I did it, i think back in 2003?

    I had the same plan as yourself – catch up on the weekends, but as I went through I found that on weekends I was only doing my daily quota and not much more.

    SO I blocked out the last weekend before it finished, and promised to do nothing but write (which with your parenting stuff, you may not be able to do:) )

    I still had 10000 words to do at that stage, but I got it done.

    I guess the thing to remember is that it doesnt have to be perfect. I had no intentions of making it a finished-product within November, I just charged full steam ahead and got it done, with plans to come back and do editing later…

    Will see how it goes this year – last time I was single and living alone, so it was easier for me to spend time on it than it will be this time…

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